Thanksgiving With a Personal Chef

Thanksgiving With a Personal Chef

For a chef, Thanksgiving is that Thursday in November that we plan and prepare for all month long. I think of the Thanksgiving holiday like a child on December 24th just before bed. Excited, nervous, and impatient. Why? Because it’s a day when we can play with traditions and make new ones in the execution and development of a meal, explore and refine our craft, and participate in the important bonds made by a coming together of family and friends over a love of food and community. Much like Christmas, Thanksgiving can be rather stressful. Bon Vivant Culinary happily relieves that stress by preparing our clients a one of a kind Thanksgiving meal allowing our clients to focus on what matters most, family.

Football, friends, family, and food. This is what thanksgiving means to most of us, but it does come at a price. Countless hours of cleaning, preparing, and purchasing. In the past, if you wanted to skip all the stress and the work that comes with this holiday your options were limited to Chinese take-out or the few casual and fine dining restaurants in the area open, the majority of which offer little more than a Thanksgiving buffet. While these restaurants serve an important purpose for those looking to celebrate with guests from out of town and avoid the hosting aspect of the holiday, they often offer very limited menus prepared in mass quantity at a premium cost to the guest. My past experiences in a fine dining restaurant serving a Thanksgiving buffet was largely fine, but not a value. As these restaurants often serve double to triple their normal capacity on a day like thanksgiving, the food can often lack quality and attention to detail in some areas and with service staff members working three times as hard for triple the normal guest count, the service seems mediocre and hurried.

The alternative? Bon Vivant Culinary. As always we offer our guests something far better. If it’s a traditional turkey and stuffing that pleases you, our James Beard nominated team of chefs will prepare this for you and our four diamond service staff will serve you and your guests in the comfort of your home leaving your kitchen spotless and your holiday as relaxed as it should be. As a catering and private/ personal chef company who works with only the best vendors and farms both locally and internationally, our ingredients are purchased and grown with strict specifications and handled with the utmost consideration to maintain amazing flavor dynamics. If you feel the urge to experience a Thanksgiving a bit more interesting in terms of culinary, our chefs are more than happy to create a menu with playful takes on classic traditions or even something more innovative. Either way you choose, Bon Vivant Culinary can provide you with everything you need to relax and enjoy the holiday without the stresses of shopping, cooking, and cleaning or sitting in a crowded restaurant among strangers fighting over a buffet and for the attention of the overworked service staff. You and your family and guests deserve the highest quality Thanksgiving meal and service without sacrificing anything. Let us provide you the attention and quality you deserve so you can provide your family and friends with the attention they deserve. Call us today.

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