Seasonal Changes & Ingredients

Seasonal Changes & Ingredients

The willow oaks are blooming in Charlotte, the magnolias are reappearing in Charleston, and the azaleas are blossoming in Augusta. Everywhere Bon Vivant Culinary calls home base is getting warmer and with the changing of the seasons, as chefs we look to the farms to see the changing nature and begin changing the pallet with which we work. In an effort to continuously push the boundaries of culinary, we set seasonal goals of new methods and cuisine types which we hope to explore and master. As our private farm grows the majority of our produce, advanced planning and taking inventory is extremely important with each new season to creating balance and providing ourselves with the tools for this creative exploration to share with our clients. The changing of the seasons is everything to practiced master chefs such as the Executive Chefs of Bon Vivant Culinary.

Not only do seasonal changes allow us the ability to work with new ingredients and compose and explore new menu ideas and techniques, it also means a shift in the type of events our attention is drawn to. The holiday season brings thoughts of roasting and braising, of root vegetables and wild game, of ciders and pastries. Wedding season has a more unique tone of warmer weather and smaller plates, of cocktails and canapés, of shellfish and citrus. Graduation season gives us thoughts of celebratory Champaign, fusion cuisine, and lively hors d’oeuvres.

So what does all of this mean for our clients? As the seasons change, our lives change with them. As our clients lives, schedules, and needs change, Bon Vivant Culinary is always a step ahead in preparation from farm to concept and from composition to table, not only provide the best service and most unique culinary experiences but also seasonally appropriate cuisine and artistically creative menus for each clients and each event. Year after year as seasons change and new crops grow, we make it our mission to grow with them as chefs and artists. As our clients’ needs change with each passing season, Bon Vivant Culinary is always here to support these needs whatever they may be.

“Live in each season as it passes; breath the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit, and resign yourself to the influence of the earth”
– Henry David Thoreau

Allen Baker Coux, Sous Chef Bon Vivant Culinary LLC

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