Going Organic as a Personal Chef

Going Organic as a Personal Chef

Our relationship with food has fundamentally changed. As we evolve so too does the way we procure, handle, and even cook the food we eat. Science is not only a part of growing our modern food sources but often also a part of the way we cook. While some view food as simply fuel, others like Bon Vivant Culinary chefs view it as a delicate art. As the debate rages over the benefits of farm to table and slow foods while science and soil mix, we pride ourselves on being conscious of culinary tradition, innovators of modern cuisine, and now stewards of the land.

As Executive Chef and Owner of Bon Vivant Culinary, I am pleased to announce that as of this year after much careful work and research, we have our own fully operational 20 acre organic farm which now supplies up to 95% of our produce needs and services Bon Vivant Culinary Personal Chef and Catering Services exclusively.

Why? I have been asked this recently by my colleagues and employees. What do I as a chef know about farming?

The truth is my knowledge is limited. I don’t have a green thumb, yet. Long before I started Bon Vivant Culinary, before my first James Beard Foundation nomination, before becoming a Certified Executive Chef, before my very first position as a professional chef, my knowledge of culinary as art was limited as well. Over time and great effort I became one of the best in this field and something I learned was a true love and passion for the simplicity of food. To take something so basic and pure and make it into anything, to make it into something beautiful and forever memorable was spectacular. What I know is the product and how to manipulate after it enters my kitchen. To make spectacular food, food above “good” or even “great” requires exceptional concentration, planning, technique, and product. Without ALL of these things, the end result is less than perfect and perfection has always been one of the major goals of Bon Vivant Culinary. With the addition of new staff with an extensive knowledge of cultivation, we are hopeful that we can continue the process of aspiring to perfection beginning at the soil.

This is not to say then that we serve our clients only regional farm to table organic ingredients or that as Owner of Bon Vivant Culinary I am against the practice of Genetically Modified Organics. As always, we offer our clients a range of options unparalleled by any other Personal Chef, Catering Service, or Restaurant in the world and will continue to utilize our well established relationships with a varied addition of fine foods growers and purveyors both domestically and internationally. Everything in culinary serves a purpose. Some evidence suggests that without the practice of GMOs in the ever growing global population, malnutrition and starvation may rise. I have no aspirations of feeding the globe thus we are able to provide our clients with the best organic ingredients as we always have. My obligation is to serve my clients whoever they may be the most spectacular product imaginable. We have done this as well as fostered relationships, provided award worthy service, and created impeccable cuisine from day one and will continue to do so. What we hope to accomplish with this farm is to push to new heights. To set new goals in the hopes that we might achieve them. To limit our reliance on other purveyors meanwhile providing our clients with the exceptional and unmatched service which Bon Vivant Culinary is reputable for and an even more exceptional product. We are now in the unique position to control nearly every aspect of our clients dining experience and by doing so to ensure perfection is constantly being sought and achieved. We hope you will join us in the next step of this journey beyond culinary excellence and into culinary perfection.

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