The Cost of Hiring a Personal Chef… Can You Afford One?

The Cost of Hiring a Personal Chef… Can You Afford One?

We have all heard about personal chefs and catering services and how they work. We know that we can have meals prepared and delivered or prepared in our homes by a personal chef as an alternative to grocery shopping, cooking ourselves, or dining out. As personal chefs and caterers become ever more popular in our modern society, the question on many minds is, can I afford it? For the longest time the idea of hiring a personal chef was something for the super affluent, which is why many people still believe they can’t afford these services. However, this is simply no longer true. The answer to the question of whether or not you can afford a personal chef and caterer is a resounding YES! For about the same cost as dining out at a restaurant, you can hire a personal chef or caterer. How is this possible you ask? Let me break down the dollars and cents.

Less is more. Truer words have never been spoken. As an Executive Chef, business owner, and former hotel and restaurant chef, I can tell you first hand that running a restaurant requires high overhead expenses. Restaurants survive on their ability to buy and serve in bulk. A four diamond fine dining establishment can have overhead expenses as high as two million dollars per month, forcing them to serve hundreds of people per day at an average cost of $175 per guest. As personal chefs often use space provided for them by their clients and have much lower overhead costs than any restaurant, they have the ability to serve fewer guests per day while still providing the same high quality cuisine and service at lower costs to the client.

A 2012 census report shows on average, a working American family will dine out at least twice per month. These families spend approximately $300 per month or more in various restaurants. Additionally, the average family spends roughly $550 per month on groceries. Furthermore, families will spend twice as much as those averages dining out for special occasions and holidays. The average two parent families will spend an additional $75 per month for childcare services to enjoy dinner dates and outings without the children. If you are surprised by these figures, you are not alone. I was too when I looked at how much my family spending every on dining out. My wife and I were also surprised by the added expenses of our regular date nights on the cost of the meal, not to mention the tip, the commute to and from the restaurant, parking fees, A 2012 census report shows on average, a working American family will and babysitting fees. What I learned from this and my many years in restaurant service is that diners will pay a premium for a quality meal and service to avoid the hassle of grocery shopping, cooking and serving themselves. What the clients of personal chefs have learned is that they will pay equal or less in hiring a personal chef while often experiencing restaurant quality cuisine and service, sometimes even better, without any of the hassle of shopping and cooking themselves or selecting a restaurant that matches their preferences, commuting, and dining in an atmosphere that may or may not meet personal standards or comfort levels. The math speaks for itself, in the long run you can save time, effort, and money by hiring a personal chef and caterer in place of cooking yourself and dining out.

What makes Bon Vivant Culinary different? The simple answer is: we do it all and far better than the rest. As a personal chef service, Bon Vivant Culinary is the only service in the area that also caters small to very large events. Bon Vivant Culinary is the only catering service in the area serving both corporate and private events with our level of credentials. Bon Vivant Culinary chefs have been in contention for awards in the global culinary community at the highest levels and are dedicated to giving our clients much more for their patronage than our competitors. Prior to becoming chef/ owner of Bon Vivant Culinary, I worked and trained in some of the best restaurants and banquet facilities in the world with some of the world’s most famous chefs and achieved some of the highest honors a chef can. I believe you and your guests deserve the highest quality of culinary service at an affordable rate, without having to travel for it. We will work tirelessly with your budget and deadlines to assure your utmost satisfaction is met no matter how large or small your event may be.

While most personal chefs purchase products in traditional methods as their clients do at grocery stores often paying much higher retail prices for average quality goods, Bon Vivant Culinary does not. As a caterer, we are able to purchase a higher quality product from vendors we select and cultivate relationships with both at home and around the globe in bulk, at lower than retail cost. This allows us to offer a far superior service and quality to our clients at a cost in line with that of the competition.

We also know that fresher is better. While most personal chef services will come to your home and cook meals for the week at roughly $300 plus the cost of food and leave heating and serving instructions for you to complete the work, we go a step further. Because Bon Vivant Culinary is also a catering company, we have a network of highly trained/ certified chefs available to our clients 24/7, so we can cook and serve our clients only the absolute best quality meals in their homes daily. Unlike many of our competitors, we also offer both our catering and personal chef service clients free tastings upon booking each of their events because whether you are hiring us for your wedding day or just a romantic date night at home, we want our clients to be perfectly satisfied with the menu they have arranged with our chefs before the date of their event.

The bottom line. Hiring a personal chef or caterer can often be either equal to or cheaper than cooking yourself and dining out but without any of the work, struggle, or discomfort. Hiring Bon Vivant Culinary as your personal chef or caterer can be equally as inexpensive and will guarantee you unmatched quality, service, and value. Your time is important and you and your family or guests deserve the best. Bon Vivant Culinary is exceptional, let us be your standard and provide you with affordable, hassle free, and high quality service and cuisine that is sure to amaze.

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