5 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Personal Chef and Caterer

5 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Personal Chef and Caterer

Personal Chefs are still seen as a novelty to the modern culinary scene, but are far from unattainable. Personal Chefs are important for the marketplace as we all want the crème de la crème, the je ne sais quoi. Bon Vivant Culinary provides this for all of our clients. Most of us don’t have the time or ability to pick up our lives and visit Daniel Boulud’s New York restaurant or even Peninsula Grill in Charleston at the drop of a hat. In my years training to be the chef I am today, I’ve spent time at both star-worthy restaurants and learned a great deal from these amazing chefs. I deliver all of this experience into my dishes and to my clients homes.

Before the time of restaurants, royalty had personal chefs that cooked the most extravagant meals for their families to specification. These were served four times a day and one server per member of the family. You won’t find this type of attention in even the top tier of dining experiences. We should all be allowed to experience dining and service so grandiose and luxurious in our homes…occasionally at least.

1. Time. None of us have it, all of us need it. The average American will work almost 200,000 hours in a lifetime including overtime and unused vacation time. Leaving your culinary needs to Bon Vivant Culinary is the best way to get some of that time back. You won’t worry about grocery shopping, cleaning, setting up, prepping, cooking, or serving your guests, as our professional and highly trained chefs will take care of all of these things. The only question you will have to answer is who is coming for dinner and what to serve them.

2. Convenience. Saving you time is only a piece of what we do at Bon Vivant Culinary. The average resident in Charlotte NC will spend almost 10 hours or more in traffic every week. Consider not only the time, but the hassle, gas, valet or garage fee, tip, increased tax and cost of going out for dinner after you have made your daily commute for work. Sure it’s all a part of the event and experience of dining out but is that experience really a value? Most of us dine out because we want quality meals without having to work for it or even deliberate it.  Rather than sit in traffic on your way to a restaurant and debate from multiple options on an overly extensive menu in a crowded dining room, which may or may not suit your preferences for ambiance with strangers speaking over each other at the next table, tell us when and where to serve you. We will email a menu to in you, in advance, to make your selections. Each menu is written every one of our clients, individually.Bon Vivant Culinary will bring the restaurant to you with just a phone call.

3. Quality. Restaurants are restricted by overhead and menu.  They cannot offer the variety and personal attention both in menu planning and at the table that a personal chef can. Unlike restaurants or even other private chef and catering services, Bon Vivant Culinary maintains a global network of purveyors of the highest quality ingredients available and is there boundlessly in terms of our ability to provide our guests with exactly what they want. While restaurants and other personal chef and catering services highest overhead expense is typically rental space, limiting their ability to spend more on highly trained staff or the best ingredients, Bon Vivant Culinary puts a higher standard on the cuisine and the chefs that prepare it, allowing us to pass along to you a better overall product and culinary experience. We can now all experience this in our homes thanks to experienced chefs leaving the restaurant and entering the home, as the chefs of Bon Vivant Culinary have.

4.Presentation. We strive to create edible artwork and making good impressions are everything. Whether you are hiring a private chef or caterer for a special occasion, office meeting or gathering, or simple a family dinner, it is of the utmost importance to present a good image. Not only does Bon Vivant Culinary believe in delivering our clients the highest quality ingredients and fine dining experience, we take great pride in the level of attention our professional service staff will bring to your table. Hiring a personal chef and caterer says to your guests and family that they are important to you. Hiring Bon Vivant Culinary shows your guests and family that you believe they deserve only the best.

5. Cost. While hiring a personal chef and caterer may assist in presenting a certain image, they are not only employed by those of great affluence. A personal chef and caterer may be more affordable than dinner for two at a fine dining restaurant. As dining out holds several other expenses also, hiring a personal chef may even be cheaper in the long run. Cost is often calculated by time and menu which is all discussed prior to the date of event with the chef. In some cases, like with Bon Vivant Culinary, you simply tell us what you are interested in doing and a budget you are comfortable with. As personal chef service, it is our job to work for and with you to provide you a hassle free, comfortable, high quality, and one of a kind dining experience with all of your needs in mind including cost.We put a premium on taking care of ourselves, our homes, and our families. We have the help of daycares, spas, doctors, and lawn services for all of these thing. For our personal enjoyment, enrichment, and palate we should all have the help of a personal chef and caterer. Quality food and experience sustain life and memories. Bon Vivant Culinary believes everyone should have a taste of the good life and hiring a personal chef and caterer is great way for you to do this. We look forward to hearing from you.

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